, Masters in Finance Cost Study in UK

Masters in Finance Cost Study in UK Below is a table listing some job designations and their corresponding average salary in Indian rupees.

Financial Director 67. 47 lakhs
Associate Portfolio Analyst 62.01 lakhs
Financial Manager 60.12 lakhs
Financial Controller 53.03 lakhs
Senior Financial Analyst 42.75 lakhs
Risk Analyst 42.19 lakhs
Financial Analyst 35.61 lakhs
Banking Operations 34.54 lakhs
Below is a table highlighting some key expenses of a student during the course of one month
Particulars  Average Monthly Cost in INR
Rent 61,000 to 1,08,355
Food 18, 347
Clothing & Laundry 9,180
Mobile phone & data 6, 850
Transportation 5, 974
Stationery items 3, 669
Miscellaneous 3,669


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