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Temporary Australia Work Visa subclass 457

The 457 visa is for temporary skilled workers in Australian labour shortage to work in Australia for up to four years in their nominated occupation for their approved sponsor.
It is currently in the process of being abolished by the federal government led by Malcolm Turnbull.

How Can I apply for a Work Visa (subclass 457)?

Step 1: Find a company willing to sponsor you

Step 2: The Business Sponsor need to fill you in a position associated on the skilled occupation list for a 457 Visa

Step 3: Ensure you meet all the visa application requirements

457 Visa Criteria

The application for a company sponsorship visa consists of 3 parts:

1) Standard Business Sponsorship
In order to sponsor employees for a temporary 457 work visa, most businesses need to be approved as a Standard Business Sponsor.
To obtain the approval, you need to show:

  • There is a properly established business structure – such as a company, trust, partnership or registered business name; and
  • The business must be in a sound financial position; and
  • The training activities of the business must meet the Department of Immigration benchmarks (businesses not operating in Australia are exempt from this requirement)

Sponsorship approval is generally valid for five years however there are a number of exceptions to this:

Recently Established Businesses: if a business has been established for less than 12 months, then the business sponsorship approval, as well as any 457 visas granted, will be valid for a maximum of 18 months.

2) Business Nomination

  • The position must be on the approved list of occupations and;
  • Salary for the position must be at the market rate, and must be above of the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT);
  • the terms and conditions for the position must meet the minimum standards set out by Australian employment law
  • Labour Market Testing is conducted, where this is required

3) Australia Work Visa Application

The 457 visa is valid for up to four years. There is no such thing as an extension on a visa however a visa applicant can apply again for another 457 visa if they continue to meet the requirements. The 457 visa is subject to a condition 8107 work restriction where the visa holder can only work for the sponsoring employer, unless a different employer lodges a new nomination for the employee. The visa can be cancelled if the employee ceases employment for more than 60/90 days. The employee must also maintain their health insurance cover. Please refer to 457 Sponsorship Obligations and Compliance for further information.

All applicants for 457 visa must meet the English language requirement and have the appropriate qualifications and experience for the nominated occupation they are being sponsored under. There are exemptions available from the English language requirement for certain passport holders and course of study.

457 Visa Processing Time

It may take 4-9 months for a 457 Visa be finalised. Please refer to Global processing time.

What are your entitlements as a work Visa (subclass 457) holder?

As a 457 visa holder you can:

  • Live and work in Australia for up to four years
  • Bring your family to work or study in Australia
  • Unlimited travel in and out of Australia

How Migration Downunder can assist you and/or your company?

Migration Downunder helps Human Resources Managers and Business Owners to sponsor (Subclass 457, ENS direct entry,..) overseas skilled workers to live and work in Australia in the most efficient way possible – saving time, reducing risk and all for a competitive rate.

We engage with your company to clearly understand their business and Skilled Employment needs and provide Immigration advice.

We provide up-to-date information on the latest immigration news through our monthly newsletters keeping you and your company advised of any law changes which may affect your visa status for temporary or permanent residency.