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Apply to Study Abroad with eStudyabroad.in It has well established rapport with many universities and colleges in various countries in the world.

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Exams Coaching

Scoring well in exams like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GMAT, GRE and SAT open the gates for dream destinations for international education.

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Finance Assistance

We have knowledge about all the national banks providing loans at affordable rates and with various approved financial institutions and private banks offering loans.

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Travel Assistance

we take every possible effort to make a student’s journey from their native country to the foreign country of their choice as seamless as possible. We guide them with travel tips and also assist with any airline bookings.

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Forex Assistance

We provide guidance for preparing Demand Drafts, International Debit Cards, Traveling Cheques, Wire Transfers and exchange of currency.

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Scholarship Assistance

Scholarships and financial aid fee waivers awarded to international students are absolutely at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee of the institutions.

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As an international student in Australia, you are required to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the entire duration of your study in Australia.

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